Tutorial 1. Setup


This series is for everyone NEW to minecraft modding!
I will explain how and why to do stuff.
All tutorials will be posted on this website.
Bookmark it to be up to date!

So, lets start.




We need to download things:

I am not gonna explain how to install JDK, since you need to know java, and in order to learn that, you need JDK anyway.
IntelliJ: An IDE, my favorite. Its free, easy, and super cool.
Forge: Our API, or bridge between minecraft and our mod.

Ok, Install IntelliJ (also called IDEA).
Now, create new folder. This folder will be the base folder for all our modstuff.
This folder will be refered as ‘BaseFolder’
Inside the BaseFolder, extract Forge.


What you want to do now, is open a command prompt/terminal.
Now, find your BaseFolder. Use the command cd to move around.
Option 2: Rightclick on BaseFolder and select open commandprompt.
Enter the following command:

gradlew.bat setupDecompWorkspace

Wait for it to be done. It might take quite a while.
Once done, open IntelliJ. Select “import project”.
Select the file: “BaseFolder/build.gradle


Click ok. Click ok again.
IntelliJ will now setup your workspace!!
When that is done, you will see a workspace like this one:


If your project looks like this, CONGRATZ! you havent messed anything up. yet.

Now, first thing to do, is delete the src folder. This will throw errors, and we dont even need it…
Once deleted, create a new folder, inside your BaseFolder.
Called it something, which makes sence. This foldername will be re-used A LOT!


Only mcmodtutorial can be renamed. The others NEED THIS NAME!
Now, rightclick on the ‘java’ folder. Select ‘Mark directory as’ -> ‘Source root’.
The folder should be blue now.
The rightclick on resources. ‘Mark directory as’ -> ‘Resources root’.

One more thing to do: Run configuration.
On the top, click on Run -> Edit configurations.
Click on the +, and select Application.
Now, Enter the parameters, as discribed here.
NOTE: Paths and usernames can be changed!


If you now run that run config, and minecraft starts, congratulations.
You now have a working setup!

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